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Whatever Comes to Mind...
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blue Skies.

The sunlight shot into my eyes, piercing through my eyelids. I yawned, my eyes heavy, but my soul was exhilarated. I jumped out of bed, enlightened. Those gruesome hours of sleep just wasted my time. I never hated time so much, as I feared never seeing her again. She was my one, she was my all. I went to the bathroom, like I did every single day of my life. However, this time, the bathroom looked more vibrant. It looked happy in my eyes. It was just what I wanted to see. Because of her, the sink, the tubes of toothpaste, the shampoo bottles, had never had more color than I ever saw before. I sighed, smiled, looking into the mirror. I grabbed my toothbrush, and the colorful tube of tooth paste. I dressed down, and walked out the door, with a skip in my step. We planned to meet by the lake. Our Lake. It was the place of our first kiss, and the place of where all our memories were held. It was sacred. Nobody would have felt anymore love and lust than we have ever felt. I left the house, and came my way across the street. I jabbed the headphones into my ears, blasting Mayday Parade. I was planning to tell her that I loved her today. I glanced up at the sky, and saw the bluest of the blue that I had ever looked at.
Then all I saw was dark.
I was hit by a car. The man was far too intoxicated to notice that I wasn't just a speed bump he ran over. He drove away, unnoticed. I was found a couple hours later when my father was just leaving for work. Those couple hours was the most inhuman thing I ever felt. I didn't seem to see the colors anymore.
The ambulance came, and I felt me being lifted to the gurney. They pushed me down the busy hospital hall. I could hear the sobbing from my mother, and I could feel the frown upon my father. The only thing on my mind was to tell her that I loved her. I also wanted, that the last thing I wanted to see, was her face. She received a call later that day. She ran through the pouring rain. My eyes were planted on the doorway. 
Then she appeared.
Her face benign, her face wet with both tears and rain. I opened my mouth, ready to tell her that I loved her, but it was too late. The darkness flowed through my eyes.


Don't Drink and Drive.


  1. I really like your short stories. They're very meaning full.

  2. awhh thanks. it really means a lot coming from a famous writer like you. :3