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Whatever Comes to Mind...
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Italian Salad Fusionn!!

Just had the BEST salad ever !!! ~<3

When creating salads, try to add ingredients that add burts of color and flavor to it!

Our Recipe:
We added a packet of Bacon Bits,
three types of salad greens,
garlic and butter croutons,
ceasar olive oil/vinegar dressing,
blue cheese,
and shredded
mozzerella and cheddar cheese!

The bacon bits, blue cheese, ham gives the salad a salty, smoky, flavor.
The tomatoes and carrots give the salad the burst of color and yummyness and texture to it! @_@
It was pretty pretty and yummy.
And the picture sort of looked like how ours was, but not quite, because we ate it before we could take a picture of it! >:]
But anyways,
Food, is like ART, so,
Make your food creative as you are!


  1. Salad *-* yuuuum!! You know...I've never tasted salad that I actually enjoy eating. The salad at school is sorta......not ew, but plain.

  2. @xxLover haha i totally agree. by the time we get to the salad part, they run out of croutons, so we're just like, 'damn, why bother.' so yeah.. i agree with you... :]